Rave Vixens

The Kill Kollective celebrates women in rave and EDM culture through our Rave Vixen movement. Being a Rave Vixen means that you are comfortable in your own skin and in the festival gear that you wear. Rave culture is built off of pure and positive energy and we want to enhance this experience for women everywhere. 

If you are a frequent festival goer, festival model or a woman creating within rave culture we want to meet you! Contact us if you are interested in obtaining more brand sponsorships and collaborations.





    1. Rave culture is predominately dominated by heterosexual men. Supporting women that are breaking boundaries and that are not afraid to show their femininity within the culture is empowering . That is not slavery .

      1. Um, no you aren’t showing Rave culture at all. I beg to differ. What you are into and displaying is women getting naked like all titty bars do. You’re into strip clubs not raves. And posting this in feminism is BULLSHIT.

      2. I didn’t call any women out in derogatory terms. You projected that. It’s night time where I am. So you may bid me a good nite, because YOU got no legs to stand on… but what you are showing as a man, is tits and ass. You are not empowering women and you should not be posting in feminism.

      3. As a woman , I stand very tall . You assume and have no idea what you’re talking about lol . Putting other women down as you have done in your statements will never be considered feminism .

      4. Oh, you’re a woman? Ok. My apologies. You need to defend the sex industry because you are a part of it. LOL is not being serious. It’s being You nervous. Ok so you’re a stripper? You want me to take strippers seriously? I have done that. I have had many female friends who were in the industry and YOU know what? It did them NO good. They all wanted out of it in the end. I don’t need you to “take me seriously” I don’t put “other” women down. That’s not what I do. You should not be posting in feminism. You haven’t proved your chops yet.

      5. You apologizing and then assuming I’m a stripper is disrespectful. You have not taken the time to view or comprehend my platform . You are making comments based on your own assumptions and feelings . I am a publicist , and I have created a safe space for women . You know nothing about rave or music culture . Women should be able to wear what they want without judgement from men or women like you . If you knew anything about the culture , you wouldn’t be looking at me like an enemy. You’re basically saying a woman is not allowed to dress how she wants to dress. That is not feminism.

      6. You’re right I didn’t take time with your platform and that I made disrespectful comments. I took my frustration out on you after looking at wordpress “feminist” posts, most of which were anti-woman. Sorry for my assumptions based on the one image I saw. I do know about music actually and I went to Raves when I was younger… those dance parties were often about drugs tho too. I dunno if Raves have changed much since then? And you are right I should not judge anyone by what they wear or how little they wear… I don’t even believe in “slut-shaming” and usually defend “industry girls.” I am tired of women’s power always being seen as sexual. But that’s not your problem. Thanks for taking time to write me your reply. I appreciate the reality check. And again I am sorry I took my frustration out on you. That’s on me. I hope you do make a safe space for women among the anti-women on wordpress. Feminism is not understood. It never was one movement and it evolves.

      7. btw, thank you for your forum and allowing my comments. You are objectifying women and calling it feminism and empowerment. You are telling me that I am not a feminist because you think feminists have to support every little thing a girl does? Well, actually feminists are more diverse than that. “Tolerance” is not actually feminism. If I were to “tolerate” you or “include” you, you’d have to show more than tits and ass.

      8. Hi again, have you actually looked at what is posted under “feminism” on WordPress? Most of it is anti-feminism. Most of it is incel rants against women or Christian versions of women and where they belong or Transgender people. Male bodies who believe they are women and feel entitled. Sometimes you get an arabic or Russian anti-west person posting under feminism. There are also a lot of young Canadian girls who don’t know what it is. Have you noticed that yet?
        It’s really hard to find anything posted about what feminism truly is on WordPress.
        Why are you REALLY posting under that tag/category?

      9. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights and equality. Women in rave culture are not treated fairly and are not given the same opportunities. There is also no diversity for women in rave culture and it is comprised predominantly of heterosexual white males. I run a public relations and booking firm and I work with a lot of women 1 on 1 to help them secure sponsorships from brands and other collaborations to enhance their platforms. A lot of men in my position abuse women and take advantage of them, while I am offering them a safe and professional environment to work towards their goals in the industry.

      10. I appreciate you explaining that. Sounds like a hard but worthy job you are doing.
        I know what feminism is. One of my visiting professors when I was a freshman in college was bell hooks.

      11. this one of my posts about bell hooks in case you’re interested. The quotes by her explain feminism well, I think. The lecture video with Arthur Jafa and bell is long but pretty awesome if you ever have time for it. It has a lot to do with the “gaze” and who is looking. How images are used. And if you’re not interested, I understand. Peace to you and sorry for my original disrespect.

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