K$K: Bridging the Gap Between Film Making and Underground Music

Since 2014, K$K has been forging a new wave within the film industry. K$K started her career in the music industry, taking on music video production and creative direction roles. Her work has been featured in magazines like Complex, Noisy and The Source to name a few. She’s hit the road with Sway In The Morning, and has worked with Philly legend Beanie Sigel. One of her most notable collaborations was working with Lil Uzi on the video for his track U.Z.I. K$K has used her love for hip hop and film to transition into creating her own films and breaking boundaries in the cinematic world. In July 2019, K$K debuted her latest film, Walked In at the Underground Chicago Film Festival. Walked In is named after the Bankroll Fresh song, and pays homage to trap music.

Regardless of the subject matter, K$K’s work is meant to empower women and people of color. She aims to challenge the way we see the demographics of a “movie set” and the film experience itself. She is passionate about incorporating music artists and producers in her films to showcase talent and give an alternative outlet for underground music. K$K’s latest project features work from up and coming underground artists primarily from Philadelphia and New York. K$K continues to change the film industry with her themed pop up screenings and an array of films in the production phase to be released in 2020.


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