Five Steps to Getting More Blog Placements for Your Brand

One of the primary roles of a publicist is to secure media placements. Media placements can consist of exposure through magazines, blog sites, radio and podcasts to name a few. Potential clients come to publcists with the expectation of having their work featured on a popular blog site to gain media attention. Despite this, hiring a publicist can be a costly process if your brand is new or if you are low on funds. Below are five things that you can do on your own to help you secure more blog placements.

1. Organize Your Content

Though you may want your content featured on some of the top blogs sites, it is essential to know what you have. The best way to organize your most important work is through a press kit. An electronic press kit is one of the most efficient tools to have on hand for bloggers, to give more details of you and your brand.

Take the time to organize your content in a way that you can see exactly what your brand can offer to someone else. Even if you do not have an extensive social media following, it is still important to highlight the uniqueness of the niche followers that you do have. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake early on, in not establishing what sets them apart from a marketing perspective. You may be creating amazing content, but what is the story behind it? For example, if you’re an artist trying to get a media placement for an upcoming album release , it is important to be able to articulate the reasons why your project is significant to the blog site’s audience and your own for traction.

Create a plan to organize all of your social media platforms so that they coincide with your brand and are active. Remember that it is damaging to reach out to blog sites for features without putting in the effort to be organized and marketable.

2. Set Some Goals and Strategize

It is important to have some personal goals in mind that you would like to accomplish through your blog placements. For example, consider the following:

  • What aspect of your brand are you targeting ? Whether the goal is more listeners on your podcast or more listeners on your latest track, what are the target points. Focus on three core focus points to start.
  • Do you want to be more relatable to your fans? A media placement will provide you the opportunity to tell an emotional/relatable story to connect with your audience.
  • Are you targeting a blog site with a demographic different from your own with related content? Media placements can help you gain followers in another demographic that would engage in your content.

3. Make a List of Blogs

This may seem like an easy task, however, this is an area where many people fail in terms of strategy. After organizing your brand, make a list of blog sites that would fit the picture of your brand. The whole point of getting a feature in a blog is to bring awareness to your brand and to ultimately gain more followers or customers that buy into your ideas.

You can start by making a list of credible blog sites that are local to your area. If you are a new entrepreneur or artist, start with smaller blogs first to pitch your brand and build on visibility. Though the goal is to consistently be featured on top tier blog sites, don’t ignore the presence of smaller credible sites that will allow you to tell your story. Many people believe that getting a placement on platforms like Complex, XXL or The Fader will turn them into an overnight success. The reality is that top tier placements are only available to enhance what is already there. Always consider the core components and value of your brand when identifying possible blog sites.

4. Research

Once you have identified the blog sites that you are interested in, the next step is to have enough patience to do research. Research is the most critical component that can either make or break your opportunity for a feature. It is important to research the blog site you are interested in and the writers as well. Though it is extremely time consuming, you must be able to differentiate the type of content that is covered by each writer. On most blog sites, the writer’s name and social media handles are listed on the article page. This is not an invitation to follow and harass them to feature your content. It is,however, an opportunity for you to connect and see if there are any mutual interests that you share. You should not reach out to a writer that primarily covers stories about fashion to write a story on an upcoming music release unless it correlates to fashion in some way.

Your chances of getting featured are higher if you seek writers that have stories about related content, a similar perspective or the same goal in mind. The content has to make sense for the platform in order for there to be a mutually beneficial collaboration to take place.

5. Reach Out

When reaching out to the platform or writer for a blog feature, it is best to try and get an actual name that you can address in the email. Don’t be afraid to personalize your email and share a link to a past post of a writer that you particularly enjoyed. Being able to tie your brand or product into something they’ve written in the past will increase your chances .

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